Investigation and surveillance services


"We believe in God, others we surveil !"

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Hire your own private investigator and find out the truth !

Private Investigators Agency ACVILA - Bacău, offers investigation and surveillance services for individuals or companies in Romania and EU territory.

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Confidentiality is our business card and the only beneficiary of the information obtained is the CLIENT under the law.

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It is a feature of all our actions that arise from the experience and the unswerving desire to find the Truth. The art of seeking the truth can only be mastered by the private detective / investigator acting calmly, totally detached from emotions taken from the client or his own emotions, being totally insensitive to the temptation to judge the issues revealed during missions or those presented by the Client.

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We have over 14 years of experience and hundreds of cases solved both in Romania and in Europe.

Services For Individuals

- surveillance of individuals;
- counterintelligence actions to detect illegal surveillance activities;

- investigations concerning individuals;

- entourage surveillance / suspect activities, deviant minor behavior;

- premarital investigations on future partner or daughter-in-law / son-in-law;

- verifying suspicious activities of infidelity of a married partner;

- investigations on missing persons;

- checking the suspicions of child abuse;

- investigations on minor children to be adopted and their natural family;

- detection of illegal work, "black" work;

- investigations in the non-banking financial field;

- investigations in the field of goods and of individuals insurance;

- counseling on counteracting blackmail and harassment;

- advice on ensuring the protection of information of individuals / goods;

- obtaining official documents from different institutions, in accordance with the law;

Services For Companies

- investigations concerning individuals and companies;
- checking on the creditworthiness or morality of contractual partners;
- verification of the resume of the staff to be employed;
- verification of the various statements of employees or their morality / loyalty;
- verification of the compatibility of employees with their post;
- investigations in the banking financial field;
- identification and localisation of goods that are hidden from law enforcement and goods that are subject to litigation of law;
- investigations into unfair competition activities;
- self-service verification activities of companies by "mysterious client" or other undercover actions;
- advice on ensuring the protection of information of companies;
- advice on the organisation of internal security structures;


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