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Investigation services available in Romania and EU countries

Surveillance of individuals

The ACVILA Agency, upon request, ensures the monitoring / tracking of a person, only in public places according to the law and obtaining video-photos, regarding frequented places, people encountered, other details of interest to the client or actions taken.

Supravegheri Persoane
Actiuni de Contrafilaj

Counterintelligence actions to detect illegal surveillance activities

If you have identified a threat to your business or your personal interests and there is a suspicion that you may be prosecuted illegally, the ACVILA agency may disclose it discreetly, swiftly and by professional means, protecting the client against possible illegal actions of surrender or espionage.

Investigations concerning individuals

ACVILA detectives perform professional, personal, financial, conduct and moral, lifestyle, social status, hidden behavior, vices, dwellings, civil data, personal history, assets, debts, etc. on request.

Investigatii Persoane Fizice
Comportament Deviant Minori

Entourage surveillance / suspect activities, deviant minor behavior

We monitor and observe discreetly the behavior of minors in order not to be in danger because of the negative entourage. We obtain information about criminal entourage, drug use, ethnobotanic or alcoholic substances, sects, etc.

Premarital investigations on future partner or daughter-in-law / son-in-law

If you have suspicions about your future family member, the ACVILA agency may, upon request, help you discover the truth of this person’s past to date, but also if he has suspicious activity or hidden plans about marriage.

Investigatii Viitorul Partener Nora Ginere
Investigatii Conjugale

Verifying suspicious activities of infidelity of a married partner

If you feel that something is not right with your partner and you always ask questions because of certain actions of him/her, we can help you find the answer to them by closely following your partner and gathering evidence. Concluding photo of his actions that can be used in court for a possible divorce.

investigations on missing persons

People disappear every day and seem to be unseen. Most times when an adult disappears, the family is left with unanswered questions. Did they gone because they wanted it? Will they come back? Did they just needed time for themselves? Does the family and the competent others ask the same things? They can open a file of extinction at the request of the family but most of the time there is no time or budget needed to resolve it in time. We have the necessary means and experience to do whatever is possible to find loved ones.

Investigatii Persoane Disparute
Abuz Asupra Minorilor

Checking the suspicions of child abuse

Abuse of children is represented by any form of physical or emotional violence to which children are subjected or exposed. We can verify with proof that your suspicions are true or false and afterwards these can be used in court.

Investigations on minor children to be adopted and their natural family

We can help you discover the family and past of the minor to be adopted in order to answer all the possible questions you may be asked as the child grows, but also to calm you about the possible inconveniences that may arise during life.

Investigatie Familie Minorului Adoptat
Munca in conditii de ilegalitate

Detection of illegal work, "black" work

The ACVILA agency may, at the request of the client, discover any illegal employment, which would affect the potential customer’s direct, pecuniary interests.

Investigations in the non-banking financial field

In some situations, information is also needed in this area. The experience of ACVILA is an asset and an ally in this sophisticated and delicate area at the same time.

Investigatii Financiare
Investigatii Asigurari

Investigations in the field of goods and of individuals insurance

In the event of suspicion of fraud in the field of property and personal insurance, the ACVILA agency comes to support clients with actions and professional means of detecting them.

counseling on counteracting blackmail and harassment

The ACVILA agency comes to support customers with professional advice on legal actions to be carried out by clients who are harassed or blackmailed by different people.

Investigatii Santaj Hartuire
Asigurarea Protectiei Informative

Advice on ensuring the protection of information of individuals / goods

The ACVILA agency, at the request of the client, comes with professional means and ways of providing advice to prevent leakage of information about people, goods or objects.

Obtaining official documents from different institutions, in accordance with the law

The ACVILA Agency may, upon request, obtain, in accordance with the law, legalized copies of official, unclassified documents from different institutions.

Gasire Documente Diferite Institutii

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