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"We believe in God, others we surveil !"

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     After many years of work in the National Security System, in 2004 I decided that it was time to implement all the experience I had gained in the service of the citizen, my fellow citizens, in the private context of a private business intelligence, thus establishing the private detective agency ACVILA – Bacău, immediately after the Law no. 323/2003 was issued that establishes the exercise of the profession of private detective. I started from the idea and feeling that for this we were created: to discover THE TRUTH and to make it available to those who seek it. Over time, the 18 years of ACVILA confirmed it. There is no greater professional satisfaction than when you succeed, after hours, days or weeks of work and effort, that you can bring TRUTH to the Customer who has requested it. Yes, up to an age I knew the fact that “TRUTH frees”. After 14 years I feel this more powerfully than ever, with every case settled and every client satisfied with the services of the ACVILA Agency. In fact, satisfied and released by the fact that the reality has been revealed, which YES, frees and creates a new perspective on Life. It is not easy, in the cases where private life is involved, to find out painful truths, but in the end they only lead to clearing the mind and soul and making the right decision. Even in business intelligence cases, it’s not easy to find out that an old employee, whose loyalty you trust, in fact, behind your back , that he cheats or steals and creates material or image damages, as it is not easy to find out that the business partner has other bad intentions about the common future of the business or even commits acts that seriously affect such a contractual or professional relationship. That is why I advise Customers or Future Customers that when they suspect such things, they should seek the services of a private, professional detective who can bring light to that case before bad acts or bad consequences occurs. In fact, it is clearly proven that such an investment costs you less than when bad consequences have already occurred and things have to be fixed afterwards. But some aspects of life can no longer be, in any way, left to the people / customers to live in the context of those unwanted consequences that could have been avoided by simply investing and calling a private investigator. Prevention has always been a beneficial measure, but many people live with the false notion that “it can not happen to me“ …. Life is a very unpredictable “scenario”, lived by all, which can always put us in the face of totally unexpected or unwanted situations. It has been my experience that it may cost you more to not hire a private detective at the right time than to hire him when things have already happened that have consequences.

     Unfortunately, following the hundreds of cases settled, I have seen that many people / Clients, are running away from finding out the truth (because it often hurts), persisting in the wrong idea that uncoiling the truth will also lead to the avoidance of unwanted consequences, but Life always demonstrates  that “the garbage hidden under the carpet starts to stink”. Of course there are Clients who call a private detective in time and therefore avoid bad consequences.

     To call a private detective is a wise decision and an act of courage because ultimately it puts you in front of the TRUTH. The private detective is sometimes the only one capable of straightening out the things in life and making them follow the right path.

     Because NOW, Life asks for more than ever, to give up on masks, slogans and pre-established actions and to act as the heart drives us. I would prefer to tell you in common terms (we did not adopt purely technical terms) why it is wise and useful to call in time for the services offered, under conditions of maximum confidentiality and professionalism, by the private detective agency ACVILA-Bacau. In fact, the simplicity, honesty and effectiveness of communication with our Customers and the investigative methods used by ACVILA have led, over the years, to the best and most satisfying professional results.

     The private detective agency ACVILA – Bacău operates under the Operating License no. 402169/2005 issued by the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police, according to Law no. 329/2003.

     I think ACVILA’s best business card is the entire portfolio of Clients, individuals and companies from Romania and other European countries, who have used these services for over 14 years and are fully satisfied.

     We are waiting for you to put all of our experience to your advantage !

Diplomas and certificates received in over 14 years of activity