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Professional ethical rules of the private detective

"We believe in God, others we surveil !"

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As a private detective, I am a practitioner of a liberal, independent, noble and honorable profession.

As a private detective, I am bound to keep my professional secrecy / confidentiality of the data and information obtained from my activities, which are intended solely for my Client according to the law and the information provided by the Client.

As a private detective, I carry out specific investigative activities at the request of individuals or companies, without prejudice to the right to privacy, family and private life of other fundamental rights and freedoms of ANY PERSON.

As a private detective, I know that my activity can not be contrary to domestic or international legal regulations to which Romania is a part of, national security, public order or good morals.

As a private detective, I have the right to investigate the persons, property, facts, dates and circumstances that are the subject of this activity, with strict respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as the legal provisions in force.

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As a private detective, I will make every effort to be available to all Customers who will request my expertise. In any legal request, I will serve the Client with all my knowledge or I will direct it to another expert when the situation requires another type of expertise.

As a private detective, I will use methods and means of investigation that do not violate the rule of law or citizen’s rights and freedoms.

As a private detective, I will always try to establish and maintain a complete and effective communication with the Customers of “ACVILA” Detective Agency.

As a private detective, I will always respect my Client’s legal requests, his requests being the legal and factual basis for the investigative steps to be taken by the “ACVILA” private detective agency.

As a private detective, I will dedicate myself only to the purpose of finding the TRUTH and making it available to the Customer.

As a private detective, I will serve the Client with loyalty, integrity, promptitude and dedication, by any legal and moral means, with maximum confidentiality and professionalism.

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“Find something to do which you like so much that you would be glad to do it for free; then learn to do it so well that the people would be happy to pay you for it.”
Unknown Author
“The strongest people are not the ones that show their power in front of us they are the ones who win battles that we do not know anything about.”
Unknown Author
“Truth is everywhere, but it only gets recognised by the one who seeks it."
Nicolae Iorga
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of the members of the Private Detective Association of Romania


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The purpose of the Private Detective Association of Romania is to represent, support, defend and promote the member’s economic, technical, professional and social interests, information and provision of services specific to their members under the law, contributing to the creation of a favorable, competitive and predictable business environment;

AWARE that one of the Private Detective Association goals is to contribute to achieving the legality climate on the private investigation services market, fighting against aggression and illegality, as well as unfair competition activities;

RECOGNISING the rule of law and DECLARING the principle of equality among its members;

GENERAL ASSEMBLY RECOMMENDS to patrons, administrators or directors of specialised societies of private detectives and cabinets to draw inspiration from the drafting of internal regulations, provisions and internal codes of conduct from the principles set forth in the Code of Ethics of Members of the Private Detective Association of Romania.


The Code of Ethics applies to legal entities and individual offices licensed under the law that perform specific investigative activities, provide training and qualification of detective staff, advise in the field, advertise or popularise the work of detectives through the media and are members of the Private Detectives Association of Romania.


  1. To give due respect to competition and not to resort to reprehensible actions or manifestly non-economic financial procedures;
  2. To support each other in the market, having a fair position in front of the beneficiaries of the investigative services;
  3. Not to engage in activities prohibited by law or in violation of the rule of law or the rights and freedoms of citizens;
  4. Specialised companies of private detectives and individual offices are responsible to the beneficiaries for the quality of the specific activities carried out and in front of the competent authorities of the state on how to respect the law;
  5. Specialised private detective agencies and individual detective offices will not allow their employees to have antisocial, contraventional or criminal behaviour during or after work hours;
  6. Report offences, deviations or other deeds that affect their activity or the image of the Detective Association, to notify the authorities or to take appropriate action;


  1. Members of the Private Detective Association of Romania will be in a relationship with third parties and will not act in such a way as to bring to each other moral, economic or image damage. No engagement will be undertaken with a beneficiary who already has a contract with another member of the Association unless the contractual reports have ceased beforehand.
  2. Each member of the Private Detective Association of Romania will strive to improve the image of the Association and, implicitly, their members.
  3. Possible litigation between PDPR members will be settled amicably, under arbitration, upon request, by the Board of Directors or the Discipline and Litigation Committee. If either party deems it necessary, it is possible to resort directly to the services of the courts.
  4. It is not allowed to publicly denigrate PDPR members or the disclosure in the media of biased data about another member whose image could be adversely affected. Such an attitude may be sanctioned by the Board of Directors with the exclusion or, at the request of the injured company, through the Disciplinary and Litigation Commission, there shall be established ways of repairing the created prejudice.
  5. PDPR members are equal, regardless of turnover, number of employees with the same rights except for affiliated members and honorary members who, according to the Statute, have no right to vote and can not be elected for governance.
  6. PDPR members accept and fulfill the decisions of the General Assembly, the Governing Board and the Discipline and Disputes Commission, in accordance with the Statute, and assist the executive in performing the assigned tasks.
  7. It is forbidden for members, under the sanction of exclusion, to denigrate the Association or its members in order to create a privileged position in the organisation or other associative organisations or in front of third parties.
  8. The Association will create a database of their members, bad payees, withdrawn licenses, staff whose contract was canceled for disciplinary misconduct, canceled certificates and other categories of data that may be set by the Board of Directors to which any of the associated or affiliated members has free access.
  9. It is forbidden for a PDPR member under the sanction of exclusion the use of any fraudulent means to remove another PDPR member company from the relationship with the client for whom he provides consulting and investigation services.
  10. PDPR members are required to notify the General Secretariat of any change in their address, telephone numbers, administrators, liaison officers.


  1. The staff of specialised companies and individual private detective offices, regardless of the position and level at which they engage, must be recruited under the relevant legislation, on the basis of personal competence and experience and private detectives based on the certificates obtained according to the law.
  2. Recruitment procedures must be based on objective, non-discriminatory criteria, within the limits of the law and the requirements of the service recipient.
  3. Initial training of staff is carried out by law enforcement organisations and will be followed by continuous training at the workplace, carried out by the specialised companies, under the conditions of the special law.


  1. PDPR cooperates with professionals and associations from other states.
  2. Any member of the PDPR that is part of an international professional association is empowered to represent the interests of the Private Detectives Association of Romania in their relations with them on the basis of a written mandate.
  3. No one is entitled to use the name or to involve the Private Detectives Association of Romania in international actions without prior notice.

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