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Investigations concerning individuals and companies

Companies at a given moment need a more thorough knowledge of contractual partners, be they individuals or companies, and this information can be obtained by the ACVILA agency in a legal, professional and operative manner.

Investigatii Persoane Fizice
Investigatii Parteneri Contractuali

Checking on the creditworthiness or morality of contractual partners

In order to carry out contracts in honorable and fair-play terms, there are sometimes suspicions regarding the morality or creditworthiness of contractual partners or future partners. In this case, ACVILA supports clients with a portfolio of professional means of obtaining information in this respect. Our experience in this field has always proved to be a reliable ally.

Verification of the resume of the staff to be employed

Recruiting a quality workforce is one of the company’s top priorities. So here often comes the need to check out some of the CVs of those who come to employment. The ACVILA agency verifies discreetly, promptly and professionally any requests in this regard, often demonstrating people with false mentions, mentioned in the CV.

Investigatie CV
Investigatie Moralitate Angajat

Verification of the various statements of employees or their morality / loyalty

It has often happened that the employee who was on sick leave was observed to be working hard at the house he had under construction. Company’s suspicions of any statements or deeds of employees may be cleared with the help of ACVILA agency.

Verification of the compatibility of employees with their post

Many companies resort to regular checking of employees who occupy positions requiring certain abilities and character traits when there is suspicion about their fulfillment.

Checklist Compatibilitate Angajat
Investigatii In Domeniul Financiar Bancar

Investigations in the banking financial field

In some situations there is also a need for information from this field. The experience of ACVILA is an asset and an ally in this sophisticated and delicate field.

Identification and localisation of goods that are hidden from law enforcement and goods that are subject to litigation of law

The experience of the 14 years of casuistry helps us to be a real help to those who watch certain mobile goods held under different titles, in the possession of others.

Identificarea Bunurilor Sustrase de la Executari Silite
Competitie Neloiala

Investigations into unfair competition activities

It is known that unfair practices are adopted by many individuals or legal entities, causing material or image damage to private companies. The flair and the large number of cases solved in this context help ACVILA to interact fruitfully with clients in this area.

Self-service verification activities of companies by "mysterious client" or other undercover actions

It is no longer a secret that big companies check their employees and service quality by using the “mysterious customer” method. The ACVILA agency has successfully performed such operations that have been of real help to customers.

Investigatii Sub Acoperire
Asigurarea Protectiei Informative A Unei Companii

Advice on ensuring the protection of information of companies

In the current context, unauthorized leakage and dissemination of large corporate information is a real challenge and a great source of harm to customers. The ACVILA agency offers advice on reducing this scourge that can sometimes be catastrophic for some companies.

Advice on the organisation of internal security structures

The organization of internal security structures proves to be one of the weak links of large companies, leaving all other security vulnerabilities within the company. The ACVILA agency provides advice on these operations of utmost importance within companies.

Securitatea Companiei

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