investigation and surveillance services


1. Is confidentiality guaranteed?

Of course, it is the basic aspect and principle requested by our Customers, which is strictly respected with responsibility.It represents our business card, the basic standard of this profession. The customer is the sole beneficiary of ACVILA agency results.

The exception is represented by the fact that according to art. 3 (2) of Law no. 329/2003, “the data and information obtained by the private detective may be communicated on request, according to the law, only to the courts and to the Public Ministry, if they are useful for finding the truth in criminal cases.” Art. 15 point d, according to which “the private detective has the obligation, in cases where he finds that the information obtained regarding the national security, to immediately notify the authorities with attributions in the field”.

2. What are the steps needed to be followed to benefit of ACVILA services?

  • at first takes place the meeting and discussion / analysis of the case presented by the Customer
  • it is made a price offer based on the workload, the concrete difficulties of the case, the logistics to be used, etc.
  • in case of acceptance of the price offer for the work, the contract is concluded and the actions are started.

3. When and how to pay for the requested services?

Payment for the services provided by the ACVILA agency can be made on the basis of invoice and receipt or by bank transfer to the agency account. At the date of conclusion of the contract, an advance of at least 50% of the total price of the work will be paid before work commences.

4. On what territory does ACVILA’s services work?

The ACVILA Agency carries out investigative and oversight activities on both the Romanian territory and abroad, under the terms of the law. During the 14 years of activity, we have been requested and successfully acted in many localities in Romania, despite the fact that there were other private detective agencies or cabinets locally.

5. I’m the representative of a company, can I use the services of ACVILA?

Of course you can use the services of our agency. The variety and diversity of our services is very varied in the current economic context. Companies want to know the past issues of candidates, how current employees respect their job responsibilities and their loyalty to the company, whether their profile matches the job, the verification of suspicions of company management about potential material, moral or image damage that may be caused by employees or others, etc. We can pride ourselves with a wide portfolio of Customers – prestigious companies that appeal to the services of ACVILA and the fact that the services provided have led to the clarification of some essential aspects and in the end, to the improvement of the Client’s economic indicators.

6. How does the result of the actions take place?

At the request of the Customer, the ACVILA agency prepares a written report to which is attached video, photo or audio files (obtained according to the law), which the Customer may use legally and morally.

If the customer is a company, he has periodic written reports as well as operative information (by any means of communication) that needs to be used in the business of emergency companies and with immediate effect.

7. Can I face the investigated target in front of the detectives?

The ACVILA agency did this type of work (in cases of infidelity) in its 14 years of activity, nor does it recommend it because there are moments of maximum emotional load that can actually degenerate in unwanted bad consequences. As a professional I think it is completely wrong to act in this manner. This way is only presented by TV stations for rating and is not accepted by the ACVILA agency.

8. Can I request ACVILA agency for telephone interceptions or other kind of technical supervision?

It is a question that is often addressed to us by Customers and in this way we communicate that the ACVILA Agency carries out activities only on the basis of the law. This kind of activity is only the competence of the state with attributions in the field of public safety and national security.

For other questions or concerns, the ACVILA Agency is available to you, being a basic principle enshrined in the 14 years of activity, to clarify the Customer before concluding the contract about the activities that may or may not be undertaken by the private detective. Only applying such a way of working and communicating with the Customer can lead to satisfactory, pleasant and effective results.